You can play PUBG for free next weekend on Xbox One

The biggest battle royale game in the world is free to play next weekend. Actually, it’s free all the time, good old Fortnite. But the other battle royale game is also free next weekend.

Microsoft’s darling (until Sea of Thieves arrived), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been announced as the next game to get the Xbox Live Gold Free Play Days treatment, yours to try all of next weekend for no money at all. From around 9AM on 20 April until the same time on the Monday morning, players will be able to play the full Game Preview version of the game, covering all modes and so on.

As the Xbox Live Gold Free Play Days name implies, you’ve got to have an Xbox Live Gold membership to play. If, after a weekend of hiding behind big bales of hay, hiding in attics, and hiding in deserted bathrooms, you decide that you want more of the same, buy the game and the Battle Points earned during the weekend will carry over.

A new DLC pack has also been revealed, but, you know what, it’s a handful of clothing items for around R85 and I’m not sure I feel like even talking about it.

Okay, fine, it’s called the PUBG5 pack, it includes a cap, long sleeved shirt, cuffed jeans and hi-top sneakers.