PUBG’s Miramar map is coming to Xbox One test servers before the end of the month

Bluehole has announced that the desert-themed Miramar map, which has been doing the business on the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds since December last year, will be ready to hit the game’s test servers by the end of April, with a public launch expected sometime in May.

The developer isn’t simply plopping the map onto Microsoft’s console, but has also been working on an update to bring a number of important tweaks and fixes to get the most out of the Xbox One’s architecture. “Our art asset streaming process has been optimized,” said the official notice from the PUBG team. “This will somewhat improve the “play-doh” effect on textures and will mitigate interior prop pop-in issues. This will make a big difference in the early phases of each game.”

“Our character movement system was also causing some problems, and has now been optimized,” the notice continues, outlining further changes. “Performance and stability will be better even when many players gather in one location. We expect this to help out the game’s performance past the mid-phase.”

The update will also bring new vehicles and weapons to the game, but minimising crashes has been given top priority, thank goodness. PUBG hit Xbox Game Preview four months ago, yet it’s still as stable as a rollerblading kangaroo.

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