Radical Heights isn’t quite reaching radical heights on Steam just yet

Boss Key Productions just can’t seem to catch a break. Or, to put it differently, just can’t seem to make a game that everyone wants to play. Very few people cared much for LawBreakers, and things aren’t looking too much better for Radical Heights – the retro-flavoured battle royale shooter has managed only 1k more peak players on Steam than LawBreakers at its best.

“Hey, at least it’s an improvement!” I hear you exclaim. But keep in mind that, unlike the maligned LawBreakers, Radical Heights is free. Suddenly those extra 1000 peak players don’t mean as much, do they? Also, this is a battle royale game. People will play a game about tossing bits of poo into a magic fountain if it’s got a battle royale spin, so you know people don’t care much for your game if not even jumping on the PUBG/Fortnite bandwagon makes a big difference.

And then we have to share a moment of silence for Boss Key Production’s co-founder, Cliff Bleszinksi, who left Epic to form this new company. Epic. The Fortnite guys. I don’t even know where to look, to be honest. Let’s just try to be positive and remember that Radical Heights is still in a very rough state, early Early Access, and things could improve dramatically over the coming months. Personally I’ll never count CliffyB out – he was instrumental in creating Gears of War, and Gears of War rocks my world. So, you know, I’ll keep the faith.

Via VG247

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