Warcraft 3 now features widescreen support, which is great, but could Blizzard have more in store for this classic RTS?

My headline is both the headline and the full story, actually. If you’re still playing Warcraft 3, as many competitive gamers are, you’ll now be able to run Blizzard’s classic RTS on a widescreen monitor without it stretching like a Speedo on a walrus.

The fact that Blizzard is still supporting the game about fifteen years on – and with a proper, full fat, high cholesterol update too, not just the widescreen thing – is causing many to wonder if the developer is possibly working towards a remaster or remake of sorts. Wouldn’t that be grand? Yes, it would, as a matter of fact. It would be as grand as a peacock in a fur coat and top hat. Grander, actually. So grand, you’d have to throw your coat down on a puddle for it to cross.

A Warcraft 3 remaster is nothing more than a hope and a prayer right now, but it’s definitely not out of the question, considering that Starcraft was re-released in remastered form just last year. Anyway, getting back to the widescreen thing, the workaround means that the sides of the monitor real estate are bookeneded for the in-game interface, with black bars for the game menus and so on. Black bars are not a particularly elegant solution, but it’s far better than stretching things as if you’ve forgotten to update your drivers and you can’t remember your screen ratio so you just choose the one that looks the least ridiculous.

The addition of widescreen support comes as part of a gargantuan update, the patch notes of which you can read for yourself over here. If you’re wondering why I’m covering such a seemingly small story, it’s because I love Warcraft 3 with my whole heart, and you should too.