Football Manager has just run out onto the Switch

…Like, run out onto the pitch? Because it’s soccer?

Bad puns aside, those with a proclivity towards football management sims will be happy to hear that the genre’s premier title is now available on Nintendo Switch, out of the blue.

Football Manager is hardly a game which relies on pre-release hype, so perhaps it’s not so surprising that Sega decided to surprise us with its Switch debut. This one is titled Football Manager Touch 2018, a port of the version seen on iOS and Android tablets. It’s been trimmed down somewhat when compared to the original PC version, but it’s got the 3D match engine, plenty of squads and leagues, and should still be more than enough to keep most FM fans occupied. Personally, it’s that extra clutter and depth that draws me to Football Manager in the first place, but many will prefer the more streamlined nature of this variant.

Best of all, it’s mobile, so when you’re playing while riding the bus and your ridiculously expensive new striker breaks his leg in three places during his first training session, all the people on the bus will have the pleasure of watching you cry into a dirty handkerchief. Football Manager types still use handkerchiefs, okay.


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