This Week In Gaming [Video Roundup]

Greetings NAGeezees, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. You look a little too tired to take on a wall of text, so here’s the week’s events in easily-digestible video increments. Have a great everybody.

Battletech‘s new story trailer shows off the mech battler’s world – complete with civil war and dictatorships.

The Piano is an upcoming title that intrigues me. A murder mystery, a survival horror, an adventure game? The trailer is keeping things relatively vague for now, but I’m interested.

For the King has been making waves with its unique concept – a tabletop RPG/roguelike hybrid, and is leaving Early Access this week with some new content – shown off in the trailer below.

Xbox One X got a pimped edition of Red Dead Redemption, along with the Undead Nightmare expansion. So just how well does this enhanced version hold up? Have a look.

Sonny Evans is the man behind that hilarious PUBG-meets-nature-documentary you’ve probably come across if you play the game, and now with Fortnite‘s release of replays, he’s done the same thing.

Meanwhile, vampire hack-and-slash Code Vein shows off more combat this week – this time in the form of these badass finishing moves.

Sea of Thieves is getting its first big content update, and this video details what to expect.

Playstation 5 rumours have gone from improbable to prolific, as leaks and speculation that Sony is working on their next generation continue to surface. In this video, Digital Foundry takes a look at the tech as it stands right now, and what Sony would need to do to make a generational leap viable.

While the wait for Shenmue III continues, the two predecessors will now be getting a re-release on all major platforms.

RAD is a new post-post-apocalyptic game from Double Fine
Double Fine’s latest announcement trailer is RAD