Just in time for E3, Microsoft Studios – that’s the company’s first- and third-party games division – has added former Crystal Dynamics guy Darrell Gallagher to its exec list, prompting inevitable questions about its Xbox exclusives for 2018 and the future. Or maybe that’s just me.

Gallagher’s resume includes 10 years at the Tomb Raider studio, including the 2013 franchise reboot, before exiting in 2015 for a job with Square Enix. He’s also previously worked with Activision, Rockstar, and Sony in a number of different positions between artist and vice president.

“Good things to come”, he tweets, casually but probably not coincidentally next to an #E3208 hashtag. With Microsoft also promising its “biggest ever” E3 show (… again), what this means for its Xbox One exclusive catalogue, which has up to now been kind of unexceptional if we’re talking in preposterous understatements, is obviously a matter of speculation for the moment. Gallagher’s new appointment, however, and his established relationships with major industry publishers, suggest that this awkward situation could be on the turn. Or not. Who even knows? Tune in on 10 June to find out.