Hello Games surprised many of us last month by announcing that No Man’s Sky will be making its way to Xbox One later this year, but studio head Sean Murray was vague regarding a release date. It looks like the cat is out of the bag though, with a product listing showing up on Amazon Italy claiming that Xbox One gamers will be able to blast off into the procedurally generated depths of space on 29 June.

Previously we were given a Summer 2018 release window for No Man’s Sky, along with what the developer is calling its largest update so far, to hit Microsoft’s console. As pointed out by IGN, who spotted the listing, while online retailers do sometimes include generic or estimated release dates for games where the publishers haven’t set a date in stone, you’d imagine that if this was a placeholder date Amazon would have gone with 21 June, the first day of summer.

No Man’s Sky is pegged at EUR 44.99 (around R740), which slots it a below the average retail price for high profile games, but definitely more expensive than your standard indie affair, as you might expect from such a heavily hyped release.

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