The next Ludum Dare game jam is happening this weekend, and Vega has announced that it’ll be taking part in the form of a national game jam across three of its campuses. It’s going to be a weekend of high-intensity crunch and creativity, as hopeful developers and enthusiasts work themselves to the bone to create a functional video game in just two days.

This is the second time that Vega will be taking part in the Ludum Dare jam, one of the biggest events of its kind, pulling together developers of all levels, from high school students to industry professionals. Two days to build a game might sound ludicrous, but you’ll be amazed at the things people are able to cook up in such a short time. As a side note, one of my favourite time-killers, Don’t Starve, was built during a game jam session, and went on to become an indie hit, so you never know what might come out of it.

“A game jam is a true test of mental and creative endurance, where students flex their various skills in the hopes of creating an epic and unique game,” says Lizette Carstens, Creative National Programme Manager at Vega. “The most valuable part of participating in the Vega Game Jam is that our students spend time actively engaged in a gaming development project.”

Vega is planning on taking part in two Ludum Dare events per year, making them part of the curriculum for those studying a BCIS in game design and development degree through the institution. This month’s event starts on 21 April, and will be taking place at Vega’s Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg campuses.

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