Just two weeks after adding them to the game, Epic Games has for-now-but-maybe-forever removed the controversial guided missile from Fortnite, citing “concerns over fairness and strength of the weapon” and presumably also whine fatigue from kids who don’t even know because they never played Quake or Unreal Tournament.

Over on Reddit, game systems designer Eric Williamson explains that the studio has decided to re-evaluate the guided missile and “figure out the next steps for its future”, whatever exactly that means. Maybe it can be re-introduced with a foam rocket or something so nobody gets hurt, and then Epic can replace all the guns with heart emoji cushions, and relaunch Fortnite as a hug simulator. What? I’d play that.

Williamson confirms that the also controversial weapon swap times have been reworked, with sniper rifles and crossbows reverting to zero because these “do not benefit as much from quick switching”. Other things including shotguns, revolver, hand cannon, and rocket launcher will remain subject to a delay, though.

Expect new controversial things.

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