We’ve finally got our first look at Tom Hardy’s Venom and it was worth the wait

The internet got a little salty when the first official Venom trailer was entirely Venom-free when it showed up in February. That’s been remedied now with the latest trailer, a trailer so loaded with Hardy, Venom, bad guys, and narrative exposition that it almost overcompensates for the first trailer’s cagey approach.

If you’ve hoping to avoid plot spoilers until the movie arrives later this year, you’d best sit this one out. The new trailer lays it out pretty clearly, and also gives us plenty of “Ooooh” moments as we see the alien powers of the symbiote once merged with Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock. Expect to see a good few generic nemesis henchmen being thrashed, bashed, and smashed through walls, doors, and windows.

If you just want to get a good, up-close look at Venom, without giving any of the story away in the process, you can skip to around the 2:16 mark on the trailer above. Dude is looking mean.