Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion goes back to Mars

Bungie has properly unveiled Destiny 2’s first of two expected expansions for 2018, which has Guardians returning to Mars to deal with the Hive (… again), and features a new public event type, two new strike missions plus one new strike mission exclusive to PS4, a new raid lair, and more.

As revealed in a Twitch livestream last night, the expansion’s eponymous AI warmind Rasputin has started some sort of… something on the planet, accidentally releasing a frozen army of Hive called the Grasp of Nokris (oops). Warmind also introduces new Hunter “mentor” and in-game vendor Ana Bray, scion of the Clovis Bray colonial exoscience corp, who will presumably be of some more narrative significance than the “notorious” but actually mostly irrelevant Osiris of the previous expansion, and a new Hellas Basin landing zone on Mars, which makes its sequel debut but besides the ice stuff doesn’t look much different to its original Destiny version.

The new public event – the Hive Escalation Protocol – apparently works somewhat like the Court of Oryx public event in Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. In it, players must survive multiple waves of increasingly difficult enemy deployments, culminating with one of five bosses on a weekly rotation and some unique loots. Strange Terrain and Will of the Thousands are the two strike missions coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4, with a third one, The Insight Terminus, available only on PS4, and a new Spire of Stars raid lair was also confirmed. The expansion also adds lots of new must-have thingies to the RNG tables, including exotics like the Suros Regime from the first game, and a custom emote system.

Warmind is out on 8 May.