H1Z1 is being revamped for an open beta release on PS4 next month

Daybreak Games has announced that the popular survival shooter – and original battle royale game* – H1Z1 is being revamped for release on PS4, with the open beta kicking off in May. H1Z1 has come a long way, and been through a number of revisions, divisions and alterations over the years, but next month marks the very first time it will be playable on console.

H1Z1 wasn’t always a battle royale game. But it was a battle royale game before every single game franchise announced they would be adding a battle royale mode, so that makes it something of a pioneer. The version coming to PS4 will be customised for console gaming, with a reworked user interface, radial inventory menus and a loot system better mapped for use with a console controller.

The developer is clearly aiming for a more streamlined experience overall, taking away the crafting system seen in the PC version and making the safe zones shrink faster than before. As for performance, those playing on a spicy PS4 Pro will be able to enjoy H1Z1 at 60FPS.

You may feel we’ve already got more battle royale games than we need, but this is only the beginning. By the end of the year you’ll probably be playing battle royale Tetris where everyone chooses a block shape and runs around trying to merge with other blocks. Merge how? That remains to be seen, but I’m more than a little nervous.

You might want to give H1Z1 a chance, though – after all, its battle royale mode was crafted with input from Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene himself, before he went on to create PUBG. H1Z1 will be out in open beta form on PS4 on 22 May.

Via Gamespot

*Unless you count DayZ. But not everybody counts DayZ.