Mega-popular social app Discord is launching on Xbox One, Microsoft has announced, so everybody will know when you’re playing Deer God, even if it’s only for the achievements.

Uh-huh. For the achievements.

Coming “soon” to Xbox Insider program members, and to the public sometime after that, Discord will work more or less the same as other social media on the console by linking an account to your Xbox Live profile. This integration is limited, though, and won’t support Discord chat (for now?), according to The Verge.

“Your accounts will be linked and your Xbox Live game presence can be shared across Discord, enabling friends and users in your same Discord servers to see what you’re playing on Xbox Live,” Microsoft explains.

With almost 100 million users, Discord is one of the busiest social networks on PC, especially among gamers, and now that more and more games support cross-platform play between PC and Xbox, I suppose it makes sense to support it on console. Next up, acquisition? Maybe. You read it here first.