MSI has been making some moves into offering more than GPUs, motherboards, cooling components and laptops recently. They have a young, but building presence in peripherals with an Xbox One-style controller, a line of gaming monitors, and some keyboard and mouse designs, as well as mouse mats. Next up, it seems, is some premium chassis, and this week the company announced the MAG family of PC cases, starting with the MAG Pylon and MAG Bunker. These join the rest of MSI’s MAG family, and the whole lineup is meant to be bought together.

The MAG Pylon and Bunker are identical internally, with their main differences being external visual ones. Internally there is space for up to six 120mm fans or four 120mm fans and one 120mm fan at the rear, seven PCI brackets covering most multi-GPU configurations, a horizontal mount for the GPU which requires the use of a riser card, and up to two 3.5-inch hard drives and four 2.5-inch hard drives.

Up top, both the Pylon and Bunker have support for two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.1 ports, as well as separate headphone and audio jacks. A reset switch can be seen at the end of the cluster next to a HDD activity status light. It seems like MSI’s also left themselves some room for future improvement with the location of that label, because that’s an ideal place to put a RGB or fan controller knob to control the lighting manually. There are magnetic dust filters on the chassis for the fans on the top of the case as the front intake fans, but not for the power supply, which is a bit weird.

As for the differences between the Pylon and the Bunker, they can be found in the fans and the glass. The Pylon ships with three 120mm RGB fans preinstalled in the front of the case, and are known to be compatible with MSI’s Mystic Light RGB controller app. The Bunker looks almost identical with the same smoked glass appeal, but it makes use of double-tempered glass, while the Pylon has a slight upgrade to triple-tempered glass. This won’t have a material effect on the case’s performance, but it does mean that the stronger glass will have a lower chance of shattering by accident.

MSI has not announced a launch date yet, and no pricing has been discussed. Hopefully we’ll see these cases made available locally from suppliers like Evetech, if only to make that branded and colour-coded build look better. No white version of the MAG Pylon or Bunker was announced.

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