Naughty PUBG’s Xbox One Miramar test server sent to bed without chicken dinner

“Miramar! Miramar! Miramar!” we* chanted, clapping and beaming with excitement to try PUBG’s desert map on Xbox One for the first time. And then disaster struck. Maybe disaster is a bit harsh. Bugs and connectivity issues struck. But the result was much the same – the test server has been whipped offline while PUBG Corp tries to plug holes, mend fences, and unbreak what’s broken.

It can’t have been a happy time for PUBG Corp, but it’s the nature of these things, isn’t it? Fortnite seems to go dark sometimes too, so does Destiny 2, so does almost every other game focused on connecting huge numbers of players. Anyway, so the developer took it offline, put their best minds to the task, and soon PUBG Corp posted an update, as promised. Unfortunately it was only to tell everyone that a solution is still some way off, and the test server won’t be ready by “tonight”, whatever “tonight” means where these people come from.

You know what doesn’t have network connectivity errors? Skyrim. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just play Skyrim, all the time, like me.

* By “we”, I mean you. I couldn’t be buggered with PUBG anymore.