PUBG and Fortnite both make the news with big content patches

The battle continues, as a bit of healthy competition keeps the two biggest names in the Battle Royale genre competing for each other’s playerbase.

This week saw PUBG drop what may be its biggest patch yet, while Fortnite teases their new twist for Season 4. Let’s take a look.

Kicking things off with PUBG, Bluehole has changed just about everything. There’s plenty of quality of life stuff here – map selection is finally in, grenades no longer launch you into a nearby hill at three times the speed of sound, weapon reloads lock in when your magazine does and you have more options for your sight reticles.

As for new content, there’s quite a bit of that too. Various new attachments are in which shake up the gameplay – everything from a shotgun choke that spreads your shell wide horizontally but keeps the vertical tight to weapon attachments that make all manner of adjustments to recoil. These are more specialised tradeoffs, such as the thumbgrip which sees a drastic reduction in vertical recoil with an increase in horizontal recoil. Ultimately this forces players to consider their attachments more carefully in terms of what they want to be using that gun for.

In addition to this, there are now 3x and 6x scopes to go alongside the 2x, 4x and 8x scopes, with the last of those now unable to be attached to ARs. Conversely, all the AR attachments can now be attached to the “DMRs” – these are the sniper/rifle hybrids such as the Mini 14, SKS and VSS. The SLR also arrives with this patch, a new DMR with big damage but massive amounts of vertical recoil – it’s all about control with this one.

Finally, there’s changes in weapon damage and recoil across the board, with the 5.56 guns being the most affected. The AKM might actually be good again, and the M4 won’t be the default “best gun”. There’s also a new muscle car on Miramar. Nice.

Alright, let’s talk Fortnite! This one is a helluva lot easier – meteors.

Yup, coming with Season 4 of the game will be meteor showers. Or rather, the showers are already here – have a look:

This is following up from some UFOs that were spotted in the sky earlier in the week, and a tweet that went out on the official Twitter teasing the fourth season with “Battle. Adapt. Win.”

Is there a Deep Impact-sized meteor on the way? And will it be taking out Tilted Towers? Nobody is quite sure yet, but I expect Epic to deliver something, well, epic.