FIFA 18 is getting a free 2018 FIFA World Cup update later this month

It’s almost FIFA World Cup time again, and EA is generously bringing the tournament to FIFA 18 as part of a free update before the end of the month. We’re getting the full World Cup experience, with all 32 licensed teams, official stadiums, and a FIFA Ultimate Team content update too. The standalone FIFA World Cup games have always felt like a brazen cash-in, if you ask me – something that could have been added via an update like this instead. So, well played, EA.

FIFA 18 already has a wide selection of game modes, tournaments, and leagues to fiddle with, but there isn’t much in the sports world that can match the FIFA World Cup for sheer excitement and roaring atmosphere. It’s all going to be included in the update, so we’re getting the official World Cup balls, we’re getting the national flags waving among the crowd, and all the other details that make the World Cup the spectacle that it is. And, hopefully, no bloody vuvuzelas.

The FIFA 18 World Cup update is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on 29 May. In the meantime, have a look at the debut 8K (!) screenshots which have been released – they’re beautiful, but they’re massive, we’re talking beyond 10MB in some cases, so, you’ve been warned.