Local indie game Volantia: Kingdom in the Sky is out now

Hubris and extravagance. Imminent catastrophe. Gardening.

This is the stuff of Volantia: Kingdom in the Sky, an unconventional management game from Cape Town studio Tangled Mess Games, which is now also a thing you can buy on Steam so that’s mos kiff.

Mashing up modular board game aesthetics, retro city-builders like Caesar and Settlers, and an impending apocalyptic event, Volantia is a strategy game in which you must construct a whimsical greenpunk world and then save it before everything falls apart. But, like, literally. And everything will fall apart, and you’ll be super sad, and then you’ll start over, promising that next time things will be different. And everything will fall apart again. Or maybe that’s just me.

“Make thoughtful and strategic choices as the ambient, dreamy soundscape encourages creativity as you design your land and build the kingdom that resides on it. With space at a premium and resources limited, efficient design is crucial for the kingdom’s survival,” the blurb explains. “Contemplative and strategic, Volantia is designed to cultivate a meditative escape amongst the clouds as players immerse themselves in the zen of puzzle solving and cultivating their ecosystem in a low-pressure environment.”

Also, it doesn’t even matter and it’s totally no big deal and so what, but I did some writing work on the game. Doesn’t matter. No big deal. So what.

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