We’ve got three sets of double tickets to GeekFest to give away. WHO WANTS ‘EM?

Well wouldya look at that: it’s GeekFest time again!

GeekFest 2018 is returning to Montecasino on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May 2018, which means that in just a few short weeks, you’ll be able to rub your face-parts and body-bits all over GeekFest’s… face-parts and body-bits. In other words, you’ll soon be able to immerse yourself in GeekFest’s exciting assortment of Nerdy GoodTimes, and hopefully make Montecasino’s regulars deeply uncomfortable because you’d swear they’ve never seen someone walking through a tiny fake Italy in a Thor costume before or something.

To celebrate this upcoming occasion, those cheeky scamps at Dark Carnival (i.e. the organisers of GeekFest) have very kindly provided us with three sets of double tickets to give away. If you want ’em, let’s go for a walk you and I.

Here’s how this is gonna work if you wanna get your paws on them free tickets. You leave a comment below. Bonus points if your comment makes us laugh, and double bonus points if it’s super-geeky AND makes us laugh. To be clear, those points won’t count for anything, because the draw is going to be completely random: but those points can be traded in for a sense of pride in the knowledge that you made our day that much laugh-ier. At some point, when it’s The Future and stuff, we’ll randomly draw a trio of winners from the pile of comments we’ve amassed.

Once we’ve chosen the three winners, if you’re one of them someone will get in touch and we’ll arrange to get your tickets to you. Just a quick note: the tickets are specifically for the Saturday, but we can arrange to switch them out for Sunday tickets if you’d prefer.

Okay, so, like, GOOD LUCK AND STUFF.