Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will “push the envelope in innovation”

As much as a game that’s almost entirely about shooting people can innovate, anyway, but battle royale is kind of a new thing and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is probably going to include that too so I guess it counts?

Talking to investors in a recent financials call, Activision demi-boss Collister Johnson described “the confidence we have in Treyarch and their ability to execute on their creative vision”, and that the studio’s next Call of Duty game “will continue to push the envelope in innovation”, whatever that means. Development on the PC version of Black Ops 4 is also apparently a special focus for the team.

“It’s an incredible developer with a deep understanding of the community and the first-person genre, but also a real proven track record of innovation, including Zombies and multiple multi-player innovations that have really transformed the industry,” he explained.

“This is a game that’s not going to just build on our strengths. It will continue to push the envelope in innovation. You’ll see that in the core game itself, where we have a number of new exciting developments to roll out very soon, but also in the game’s appeal on growth platforms like PC, where we’ve invested significant dedicated resources and design time to make sure we can deliver a great PC game to serve that community.”

Treyarch’s last game, 2015’s futuristic Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, re-introduced a co-op campaign – the first one since 2008’s World At War – but if rumours on the internet are to be believed, Black Ops 4 is dropping the campaign altogether, and expanding on its other multiplayer stuff instead.

A livestream reveal for the game is scheduled for 17 May.

Via GamingBolt.

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