Peggle is free on Mac and PC via Origin right now

I play a lot of Peggle. I play a lot of Peggle 2, too. They are my “I don’t know what to play” games, and I recommend either of them to anyone who is yet to try them. Which is handy, because the first one is available on Origin for free right now, so you can go give it a go without any financial investment on your part.

Yes, it’s as old as the hills by now, but some games are timeless in their simplicity. Peggle and it’s sequel fall into that category. Hitting pegs with a ball is a terribly basic game design concept, but Peggle is so expertly put together it will consume your thoughts. The balance, the bounce, the perfectly weighted hangtime, it’s like watching Michael Jordan killing it for the Chicago Bulls. But with brightly coloured backgrounds and classical music.

The sequel significantly improves on what the original brought to the table, but the premise remains largely the same. If you’ve somehow missed out on this simple, yet sublime franchise, head over here right now and get to it. You’ll be so glad you did.