Valve’s Steam Summer Sale start date has leaked (again)

Valve’s Steam sales are never really secret these days because their start dates are always leaked out ahead of time. And so, almost on cue, we have leaked dates for the Steam Summer Sale courtesy of Steam.db’s Twitter account, and now you can all start adjusting your food and toilet paper budgets accordingly because Valve’s sale will begin on 21 June 2018, which is six only weeks away.

I suggest that you start preparing by first trimming your wish lists of old games you’re no longer interested in, and adding on games that you would have bought, but only if they were on sale. Don’t buy everything on the first day either – Steam no longer does flash sales, so it’s in your best interests to first see what’s on sale and for how much, and figure out what you’re able to afford. Or just buy everything because you know you’re going to anyway.