Proving that what happens on the internet is, contrary to popular misconception, very real, a 38-year old Romanian guy has been order to pay Blizzard $29,987 in damages and sentenced to one year in a US federal prison for distributed denial of service attacks on World of Warcraft’s European servers in 2010 and consequences will never be the same.

Calin Mateias was extradited to the US in November last year to stand trial for multiple DDoS incidents between February and September of that year, allegedly over disputes with other players about important stuff like “the division of loot and membership in raid teams”, according to this Department of Justice report. I dunno how he’s going to feel about the division of loot and membership in raid teams in prison either.

It’s not confirmed whether Mateias will be serving time FOR THE HORDE or the Alliance, but it’s probably not worth the XP one way or the other.

Via BBC.