Destiny 2 players solve in-game puzzle, find real-life replica Valkyrie spear

Destiny 2’s Warmind DLC dropped last week, and with it, new secrets. Like, why are there only four new campaign missions when the brevity of the previous expansion was one of its worst features, and how have they not even fixed the empty Tower problem. But, perhaps more intriguingly, a puzzle in the AI Warmind Rasputin’s bunker that revealed a series of actual coordinates to… something.

It’s all very complicated, but the top minds over on Reddit’s Raid Secrets sub managed to crack the code, with user I_love_science the first one to the prize at a location in the woods on Sleeping Beauty Mountain in upstate New York – a replica Valkyrie spear, some strange special coins, and a letter from expansion co-developer Vicarious Visions.

More images over here.

“Congratulation on discovering our hidden riddle. We at Vicarious Visions worked hard to hide this secret for you. Perhaps you solved it on your own, perhaps you worked together, or perhaps you just happened to live really close and saw the location online,” Warmind design lead Rob Gallerani explains. “Regardless of how you found it, YOU FOUND IT! Within this box you will find some very exclusive coins, as well as a journal for your thoughts. Please take just one coin per person. We also ask that you only take coins for people whom are actually present. The coins are all numbered. Please take one, and write your number in the journal, along with the date and some thoughts from you to use the developers, and to other adventures who will come after you. Thank you again for your passion for this game. We hope you had as much fun finding it as we did making it. We will stop by from time to time to check on this cache. Maybe we’ll even see you here!”

So that’s fun.

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