Local indie game Semblance makes it big in Japan

Joburg studio Nyamakop squeezed out almost 100 other contenders for the “Excellence in Game Design” prize at the BitSummit indie game event in Kyoto, Japan over the weekend, with its quirky “experimental” physics puzzle-platformer Semblance.

The game was nominated for both the “International Award” and “Excellence in Game Design”, and one of out two is totally a pass. Other nominees included Simulacra by Kaigan Games, Eatvolve by Papadar, and Boyfriend Dungeon by Kitfox Games.

“Thanks to everybody who came by to play the game,” says programmer and studio co-founder Cukia Kimani in the press stuff. “It was only fitting that the first place we showed Switch version of Semblance was here in Kyoto, Japan.”

“This is wild! A few years ago we were just a couple of kids coming out of university, and now we’re competing for international awards against world class world class competition. It again vindicates that Africans can make top-grade and successful works. We hope winning this award inspires more people in South Africa to make games,” adds designer Ben Myres.

First started as a university project Semblance was subsequently featured as one of our rAge home_coded games in 2016, and at the Indie Megabooth at PAX East in 2017, and is expected to launch soon on Steam. A Nintendo Switch version of the game has also been confirmed.

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