Overwatch’s Anniversary 2018 event starts next week

Blizzard’s hero shooter is turning two on 24 May, and you’re totally on the birthday party invite list. You and everybody else, except Reaper. Nobody likes you, Reaper. Get out.

The event, conveniently coinciding with the debut of the game’s first free-for-all competitive season, introduces new deathmatch map Petra.

“Petra is beautiful. There are some really fun gameplay elements to it, as well. For example, there is a mega health pack in the very centre of the map in an area that becomes increasingly dangerous as the match goes on. We think you’ll find that very fun,” game director Jeff Kaplan explains in a recent developer update video. “There’s parts of the map that are great for open, long-range heroes. There’s parts of the map that are great for short-ranged heroes. There’s a lot of diversity and we think you’ll find it super, super fun.”

Other celebratory goodies include the inevitable collection of over 50 must-have custom thingies, with eight new legendary skins and three new epic skins, plus new dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte. Players logging into the game between 22 May and 12 June will blag a free bonus commemorative loot box, with a guarantee of one legendary item.

There’s also a free weekend on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 from 25 – 28 May, so those three of you who haven’t played Overwatch yet can try it out.

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