There’s a mobile Call of Duty game being put together by the people responsible for Candy Crush, and I’m genuinely scared

This is some of the more… troubling news I’ve had to write. King, the squadron of vampires behind Candy Crush Saga and a treasure trove of equally vampiric freemium games, is working on a mobile Call of Duty game. Match three H&K MP5s in a row to shoot a terrorist in the head? Let’s hope not.

It sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? But Activision Blizzard owns King, and has done since 2015, so when job listings show up talking about creating a “Call of Duty experience on mobile”, you know they aren’t just being referential. At least it looks like the project is going to be a shooter of sorts, not just Candy Crush with guns.

King wants applicants to have “hands-on experience working with shooters and know why typical FPS levels work and what makes them fun & interesting to play”, according to the job listing looking for a level designer, as spotted by Game Informer. And all I can think about is how King will be wedging paywalls and progress gates into the FPS genre wherever possible. Or am I just being a grumpy cynic?

When I hear that they’re aiming for a game that’s “fresh, social, and highly accessible, while providing a very authentic game experience”, I get so very, very anxious. I have problems with King and their ilk, see. Perhaps the guiding hand of Activision Blizzard will be enough to steer this project to do justice to the Call of Duty name. Perhaps.

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