Now you can sign up for an FNB bank account with your face

Have you ever taken a selfie so good you wanted to use it for everything? Selfie banking is here and the future is now.

According to Business Tech, FNB has partnered with the Department of Home Affairs to allow users to open personal and business bank accounts using only the bank’s mobile app, a selfie, and a valid email address. You’ll need to live in South Africa, and have a South African ID document, of course, but the rest of the verification process will happen in the backend using biometrics and location tracking data. No more privacy, maybe but also no more queues. You decide which is more important.

And that’s not all! The bank will soon support tap and go payments for smart watches, somewhat like SnapScan and Zapper. Unless you’re on Apple. FNB Retail CEO Raj Makanjee told Tech Central that the feature won’t be available on Apple watches because, well, “they (Apple) don’t want to play in South Africa yet”.