South African comedian Trevor Noah is hosting the Battlefield V livestream reveal

Also, Battlefield V. That’s what it’s called, everybody. Whether that’s a “V” for “5” or “V” for “victory” or “V” for “Vohaul’s Re-Revenge” and it’s the retro Space Quest crossover event nobody ever expected – who even knows?

Buuuuut it’s probably “V” for “victory”, because that was actually a thing, and with Battlefield One revisiting the muddy trenches of World War I, it makes sense that the next game would go on to the even muddier trenches of World War II. And besides, Call of Duty did it (again), so Battlefield must do it (again) too. Those are the rules.

“The next chapter of EA DICE’s groundbreaking all-out war saga is Battlefield V,”  writes studio content lead Jonas Elfving on the Battlefield blog. “Tune in on May 23 for a first look into how your epic journey with Battlefield V will be. On the Battlefield V Live Reveal, the team developing the game will share their vision.”

The update also confirms that local comedian, political commentator, and Daily Show presenter Trevor Noah will be introducing the game, but he said so himself on Twitter anyway. And he’s got a special mug to prove it.

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