Mosh Pit: Crazy expensive headphones, sexy computer cases, and some wholesome feels from Microsoft

Today’s Mosh Pit has some really neat stuff in it, you guys. There’s one of the most expensive wireless gaming headsets we’ve ever seen from SteelSeries (and it looks really fantastic), a touching, wholesome hardware announcement from Microsoft, a racing wheel for beginners, and some really cool chassis designs from Cooler Master. Tuck in!

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

SteelSeries makes some really nice headsets, and they compete quite effectively in the high-end. It looks like they’re ready to take things a step further and start piling on the pressure with the new Arctis Pro family. This is one of the most expensive gaming headset lines we’ve yet seen, but they promise a top-notch audio experience. The Arctis Pro family comes in a wired version with standard USB connectivity, a higher-priced wired version featuring the USB GameDAC, and a wireless version for anyone who doesn’t like having strings attached. All three headsets have adjustable headbands for large and small noggins, and they sport the giant, soft ear cups from the Siberia Pro family, paired with RGB lighting.


The wired Arctis Pro’s DAC, which they call the GameDAC, is perhaps the more interesting of the two. Internally it sports an ESS Sabre chipset, and it also features an OLED display on the chassis. It’s reportedly the first DAC for gaming purposes that is Hi-Res Audio System certified, and it delivers high-fidelity 96kHz/24-bit with no need for down-sampling. Thanks to the OLED display and on-board software, you can customise things like the equaliser, surround sound, and the voice mixer’s behaviour. The wireless version includes all of these features, and additionally sports two batteries in each earpiece for up to 20 hours of runtime. There’s also Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to mix in or switch to a Bluetooth audio source.

The Arctis Pro family is available now at EvetechTakealotRaruLootWootwareRebeltech, and Titan-Ice.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Accessibility is something that game developers don’t always take into account when making their games, and it’s even less of a concern for hardware manufacturers who make most of their products for able-bodied people without disabilities. Microsoft is the first company to loudly and proudly talk about its initiative to make hardware for disabled gamers, and that’s what the Adaptive Controller is for.

Think of it as a giant arcade fighting stick that also has a set of hubs for hooking up plus-sized buttons. You can play with almost any part of your body, even your feet. And best of all, this isn’t a concept – Microsoft actually plans to have the Adaptive Controller on sale. The logistics might need to be worked out because it’s a niche market, but it’s better than the one-off gesture that a Sony engineer made for a disabled gamer who wrote to them about his experience with the DualShock 4’s touchpad.


Cooler Master MasterBox MB510L

We’ve been really pleased with Cooler Master’s evolution of the MasterBox series, but whatever they’re doing now is very, very different from the MasterBox of old. Cooler Master has announced the launch of the MasterBox MB510L, which has a stylishly subtle black-and-red theme going on in the version pictured above, with a carbon fibre-like texture on the front panel. Those black-and-red accents hide some mesh intake vents pretty well, and as a bonus there’s a full-coverage acrylic side panel to show off your hardware. Internally, there’s lots of space, This looks real sexy, Cooler Master. Is Deadpool designing your cases?

The MB510L also comes with white, blue, and black inserts, fits up to six 140mm fans, up to one 360mm and one 240mm radiator, up to six drives, and extended power supplies up to 180mm long.

But that’s not the best design they’ve come up with recently, oh no. The MB510L looks fantastic, but have a gander at the even better-looking TD500/TD500L and K500. Look at those triangles. JUST LOOK AT THEM! How snazzy is that front panel on the K500? It looks like they’ve taken a CM Stacker and copy-pasta’d the front door and added in diagonal lines. The K500 even has an RGB-ified power button. If you’re an NVIDIA fan, you should totally be trying to justify buying the TD500L right now.

Raru warehouse clearance sale

If you’re looking for games on the cheap, discounted merchandise, cheap audio equipment, or hefty discounts on Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh! decks, you should check out Raru’s clearance sale that’s been on for most of the week.

This Sun & Moon Ultra Prism deck is only a few months old and already 40% off. The Titan Quest Collector’s Editions for PS4 and Xbox One are 55% off. Maybe you really needed a 16% discount off the entire Heidi series. Speaking of sales, the Humble Store is also having one. What better way to lighten your wallet than to add to the growing backlog of games you’ll probably never play!

Logitech G29 racing wheel

Logitech’s G29 is one of the better budget steering wheels you can buy today. “Budget” wasn’t Logitech’s idea for the G29 when they launched it a couple of years ago, but its price has dropped significantly, to the point where we’d probably recommend this over other brands that cost significantly more. Thrustmaster’s T150 might offer a better experience, but it also costs a heck of a lot more. At R3,600 from Makro, the G29 is great value for money. Logitech’s driver updates have kept the wheel relevant on both PC and PS4 platforms, and a community effort to support the wheel on Linux is still going strong. It even has driver support in the kernel.

When Wesley reviewed the G29, he gave it a Hardware Award and scored it 8/10. The cons of it being expensive and lacking game support are all fixed now, and it’s a really good choice for any of the games in the Truck Simulator franchise, or even Farm Simulator. All the additional buttons on the wheel spokes really help with those additional vehicle functions. If it’s not harvesting crops that you’re after, this is one of the best force-feedback experiences for racing games on the market in this price range.


Deadpool 2 is starting its run in cinemas today, and you can’t possibly get away from anything this sexy.