No Man’s Sky gets launch date for Xbox One, multiplayer update for everybody

Hello Games has confirmed that its procedurally generated spaaaaaaaace-’em-up No Man’s Sky will be warping into Xbox One orbit in time for the weekend of the next total lunar eclipse and Delta Aquarids meteor shower, which seems very auspicious, with a simultaneous free multiplayer update on all platforms.

The Xbox One version of the game will be out on Friday, 27 July, and includes the previously released Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas Rises updates, according to the press stuff, plus the new Next multiplayer update features:

• Explore the infinite universe with your friends, or bump into random travelers.
• As you voyage together, friends will help you stay alive, or prey on others to survive.
• Build bases from tiny shelters to complex colonies that you create as a team and can be seen by the community.
• Be a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and foes
• Race exocraft across weird alien terrains, create tracks to share online

“Multiplayer completely changes the No Man’s Sky experience, it’s emergent, fun and intense in ways we always wanted it to be. I’m so happy this is finally happening” studio boss Sean Murray says. “It is genuinely exciting to be able to fully realise the potential so many people could see in No Man’s Sky. This will be our biggest update yet and we’re pumped to be bringing Xbox players along on the journey with us now too.”

But is it enough to get me back into one of the most tedious and boring games I’ve ever played? Probably not.

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