One year later, and people still WannaCry

Last year, the international cyberattack sensation sweeping across the planet was WannaCry – and this year, has anybody learned anything? Yeah, you guessed it.

The answer is, of course, no. One year later, just 3% of companies surveyed in the Check Point Software 2018 Security Report are capable of withstanding another “Gen V” attack like WannaCry. Now, take that with a pinch of salt because of course, these folks sell security software – but even taken with enough salt to cause heart problems, that’s a scary number.

Also, if you’ve never heard of a Gen V cyberattack, don’t worry – neither had I until just before writing this. You can check it all out on IT News, but basically – they use sophisticated tools created by national agencies and leaked to the public (WannaCry used an NSA program, go figure), and use a single point of entry to infect your entire corporate system, not just one type of device.

So, you know, update your Avast! And um… don’t put work emails on your phones?