The next Call of Duty will be Modern Warfare 4, according to the internet

Which, as we’ve recently established and about another Call of Duty game too, no less, is not necessarily always fake news, and so – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 is already in development at Infinity Ward and features a single-player campaign and (… probably?) a battle royale mode. Unless it doesn’t, obviously.

Citing anonymous “exclusive sources”, Gaming INTEL claims that, unlike Black Ops 4, the “fully fledged” game includes a campaign, standard issue multiplayer, and a Zombies mode, with “discussions” ongoing about a battle royale mode. Unofficial but mostly reliable Call of Duty website CharlieINTEL corroborates the report, backed up with the recent news that a number of Respawn developers who’d previously worked with Infinity Ward are now back at the studio. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

Whatever it is, we won’t even know until Activision actually announces it next year, so there’s more than enough time to complain about why it should totally be something else instead.

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