Everything you need to know about Battlefield V

“For us, going back to where it all began for us is really about delivering a World War 2 experience that no-one’s ever seen before,” Battlefield V senior producer Andreas Morell tell us. Does not including loot boxes count? Because it doesn’t include loot boxes.

Properly debuted at a reveal event in London last night, hosted by South African comedian and political commentator Trevor Noah, Battlefield V re-introduces Battlefield One’s War Stories anthology campaign but with some more uncommon narratives, like the German occupation of Norway and its local resistance movement, plus a new Combined Arms co-op mode, a new Tides of War mode, and the new multiplayer marquee mode, Grand Operations.

DICE isn’t talking much about Combined Arms or Tides of War just yet, but the latter at least is some sort of live services event mode, with a company of custom soldiers you can dress up and play war-war for gear unlocks.

Much like Battlefield One’s Operations mode, but, you know, on a more grand scale, Grand Operations plays out over a series of dynamic scenarios, with each one’s resources and available respawn tickets determined by the team’s performance in the previous round, concluding with a last one standing shootout in which players have only a single life and limited ammo.

The game’s standard-issue Conquest, Team Deathmatch, and Domination modes are also in, but for the moment, no battle royale mode has been confirmed. Maybe DICE is saving that one for E3.

What’s perhaps most intriguing about the trailer, though, is that its protagonists are kind of… unconventional? I don’t think the British armed forces employed lady snipers with prosthetic limbs, for example, so perhaps Battlefield V is presenting an alternate history version of World War 2. Whether or not that features Nazis on the moon and Mecha-Hitler is a matter of speculation for now, but I’d totally play that.

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