Well-known game critic, shoutcaster, and industry commentator John Bain, otherwise known as “TotalBiscuit”, passed away today at the age of 33. Bain had been an industry icon, having spent more than ten years professionally shoutcasting for esports such as StarCraft 2 and PlanetSide 2, and also for his YouTube channel “The Cynical Brit“, where his reviews of games and analysis of the gaming industry made him famous.

Bain announced in 2014 that he had been diagnosed with bowel cancer, but was confident at the time that it was treatable. The cancer spread to his liver after coming out of remission in 2015, and was deemed inoperable. Bain was forced to retire from his YouTube career in April 2018 due to his failing health, to spend time with his family.

In his last Reddit post, written 24 days ago, Bain said that conventional chemotherapy treatments were ineffective, and there were no further options to remove the cancer from his liver or replace it, as his physical condition was beyond what was considered acceptable by clinical trials that were available at the time. Though other options were being considered, his final concerns were pain management, and the legacy he was leaving for his family and his fans.

What we leave behind

When I leave this world I want to leave something my family can use to help them earn. Not only would I be ok with Genna taking over my channels and assets once I’m gone, I’d be delighted if she did. I’ve been encouraging her for years to create more content for Youtube, hopefully as we make a bunch of fun videos together over the next however-long, that confidence will grow. I fully expect The Co-optional Podcast to go on and I love the thought that once I’m gone, the channels will go on in my absence, hosted by the person who knows me best and has been with me for the better part of my adult life.

If this is all a bit brutally honest… well, it is me. I want you to see where I’m coming from, I always have and I really believe that’s what made me an effective and useful critic. It’s been a privilege, thank you all for letting me into your life and do something so important as to have an impact on how you spend your hard-earned money. Thankfully Youtube is thriving with great review and critical content now, there’s plenty of awesome choices and considering most of my critical content has been reserved for the podcast over the last year, many of you have most likely found the places you can rely on.

Bain is survived by his wife, Genna Bain, and stepson Orion Bane. Bain’s two favourite games were Deus Ex and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

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