Ready? FIGHT! PUBG officially takes Fortnite to court

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds landed on Steam a year ago, asking us all an important question: how’d we like to kill 99 complete strangers to emerge victorious as the winner of the Hunger Ga–… uh, never mind. Needless to say, the answer which swept across the world was a resounding HELL YEAH!

Fast-forward a bit, and out stepped Fortnite – a free-to-play, multiplatform, more colourful, more cartoonish version of, well, basically the same concept.

Or at least that’s what Bluehole Studio, the creators of PUBG, are now contending in court.

The news is flying all over the place, but I first got wind of it this morning via TechCentral, who report that Bluehole’s filed a lawsuit (which alleges copyright infringement) against Fortnite creator Epic Games in South Korea. The suit follows several wildly successive gains in popularity that Fortnite has made over PUBG since the start of the year, ranging from overtaking PUBG’s monthly revenue in February to overtaking the number of people watching the game on Twitch. More in-depth data is available via SuperData – but the gist of it is that Fortnite is outperforming PUBG, and Bluehole doesn’t like it.

Now, it’s tempting to think that this is a blow-out fight with Bluehole seeking to bury the competition, but always remember that the corporate world is weird and incestuous and more often than not, these are just fights between friends.