Bethesda is teasing a new Fallout… something

Duck and cover, because the bombs are about to drop. Any moment now. Soon, probably. Like, in about two weeks, at E3. So there’s still some time to stock up on Pork N Beans and Iguana-on-a-Stick if your bunker supplies are low.

So, last night, Bethesda Game Studios posted a not exactly ambiguous thing on Twitter.

Not exactly ambiguous because it’s obviously a new Skyrim. I mean, Fallout Tactics 2. Actually, it could totally be that, and I can only imagine the instant social media nuclear apocalypse of omg-outrage if it is even though Fallout Tactics wasn’t that bad (FITE ME). But it’s more likely – I think? – that it’s Fallout 5 or maybe even a Fallout: New Vegas remaster. It’s the tenth anniversary of Fallout 3, so that one too. Or Fallout 4 for Switch. Fallout Shelter for Pip-Boy 3000. Who even knows?

Please, uh, stand by.

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