All hail our robot OverFlies

You thought I’d forgotten about the robot apocalypse, didn’t you? Don’t worry, I got you. How’s about some RoboFly?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the first laser-powered robot fly with a brain has taken flight, and I’m totally not imagining all the nefarious things for which it could be used. For now, we’re looking at things like monitoring crop growth in agriculture, which is a time consuming task. However, assistant professor at the University of Washington Sawyer Fuller, who is working on the project and co-authoring its findings, would like to see the RoboFlies doing things like searching out methane leaks in building, or searching disaster areas for survivors.

The good news is that our robot OverFlies aren’t quite ready to swarm us (… and kill us) just yet. Check out the video of RoboFly attempting to take flight, though, because it’s actually kind of cool.