Fortnite introduces trolleys of mass destruction

Imagine this: you’re doing some shopping after work. You’ve got your trolley about half full, because it’s month end and you deserve these snacks, darnit. You’ve spotted the shortest queue and you’re strolling up to it all calm and casual because you don’t want to tip anybody off. Then, you spot him across the aisles. An enemy combatant.  His trolley is so full that the lettuce looks like it’s holding on by a leaf… and he’s heading towards the same teller. The fight begins!

Not really – but Fortnite’s newest vehicle may give you some comic relief. That’s right, the newest vehicle available for Fortnite players is a shopping cart, which one of you can push and the other can ride in. Picture yourself at five years old, refusing to admit defeat when your mom told you you’re too big to ride in the trolley. Except now, your buddy is pushing the trolley and you’re committing acts of consumer violence. Cool, right? VICTROLLEY ROYALE.

The trolleys are included in Fortnite’s new update, which also adds in-game challenge progression tracking and VOIP support on PC, plus some bug fixes. You can read the patch notes here.

You can tell your mom to stop sharing stupid posts about the “Momo challenge” on Facebook because it’s not even real