In Soviet Russia, EA predicts World Cup…

Remember the time that an octopus was making World Cup prediction in order to avoid being eaten? Alright, maybe the octopus didn’t know that its internet fame was the only thing keeping it off people’s plates – but sometimes what you don’t know will still hurt you.

That octopus is now dead (bet he didn’t see that coming), but EA has stepped in to fill that mystical, tentacled void this FIFA World Cup, with its own predictions for the winner.

France will play Germany in the final, claims EA, and France will only win when the match goes to penalties, taking the trophy 5-4. And that’s despite Germany not losing a penalty shootout since 1976. C-c-c-combo breaker? As Engadget reports, maybe EA’s prowess on the digital pitch will hold, given the games giant has managed to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl 9/13 times, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Whether they’re right or not, this girl is sticking with Deutschland.

And whatever happens, remember – in Soviet Russi- nope, sorry. Lost it.

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