Here’s your list of prizes for the Vodacom 4U tournaments happening at Rush

Hey! Remember that one time we wrote that thing to announce that we’ve partnered up with Vodacom 4U to host three shnazzy tournaments at Rush 2018? Good, because this thing we’re writing right now probably, maybe, but almost definitely ties directly into that.

We’re ready to announce the prize pools for the CS:GO, FIFA 18 and Fortnite tournaments that’ll be taking place throughout the Rush weekend. All the details are below the break.

All in all, Vodacom 4U and Huawei have put up a massive R220,000 in cash and prizes to be shared among the first, second and third prize winners of each of the three tournaments. In addition to the various cash prizes, Vodacom 4U and Huawei are adding a stack of smartphones, routers and free data to sweeten the pot.


First up, let’s have a look at that CS:GO prize breakdown:

First place: R25,000 (cash) + 5 x Huawei P20 Pro + 5 x Vodacom data bundles

Second place: R12,500 (cash) + 5 x Huawei Y7 + 5 x Vodacom data bundles

Third place: R5,000 + 5 x Huawei B618 routers + 5 x Vodacom data bundles


Next, here’s what you can expect from the FIFA tourney:

First place: R7,500 (cash) + Huawei P20 Pro + Vodacom data bundle

Second place: R3,000 (cash) + Huawei Y7 + Vodacom data bundle

Third place: R2,000 (cash) + Huawei B618 router + Vodacom data bundle

Fourth place: R1,000 (cash)


And finally, the best of the bunch in the Fortnite mobile showdown have this to look forward to:

First place: R2,000 (cash) + Huawei P20 Pro + Vodacom data bundle + SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller

Second place: R1,000 (cash) + Huawei Y7 + Vodacom data bundle

Third place: R500 (cash) + Huawei B618 router + Vodacom data bundle


If you want in on this action, you can register for the CS:GO tournament here, the FIFA tournament here, and the Fortnite tournament over here. Remember that registering for any of the tournaments guarantees you free access to Rush, but any supporters who want to join you will have to buy an entrance ticket.

Rush 2018 is taking place at the Sun Arena at Time Square in Pretoria from 29 June to 1 July. Day pass tickets are R60, while a weekend pass will cost you R100, and tickets are available to purchase now at Computicket.

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