Evolve’s dedicated servers are shutting down in September

Not exactly unexpected news, perhaps, because developer Turtle Rock stopped working on it almost two years ago already, but disappointing if you’re one of the three people still playing it, I suppose.

The game’s dedicated servers will go offline on 3 September 2018, publisher 2K Games has confirmed, with Evolve’s ranked Hunt mode and leaderboard updates, although peer-to-peer connections for custom and solo matches, and DLC purchases will remain supported. At the same time, the free-to-play PC version of the game will also close entirely, forever.

Despite a legitimately innovative asymmetrical multiplayer concept and mostly okay reviews, Evolve didn’t manage to… evolve much subsequent to its mega-hyped, next-big-thing 2015 launch, probably because of its questionable and expensive DLC scheme, which added an additional eight characters and two monsters. Its almost vertical learning curve and reliance on co-operative teamwork with randoms didn’t help much, either.