Bethesda is blowing a lot of bottle caps on Fallout 76 promos for E3

A multiplayer game? A mobile match-three mutants puzzler? A time-travelling sequel from the next post-nuclear apocalypse, but also a retro future, like the other retro futures, but a different retro future? Whatever it is, Bethesda wants everybody to know about it.

The publisher has purchased one of the city’s most coveted ad locations for its Fallout 76 promo, with a feature spanning three buildings on the Hotel Figueroa on South Figueroa Street, close to the E3 venue at the Los Angeles Convention Center. According to VG247, Bethesda has previously used the same space for The Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim promos, so that’s… interesting.

We’ll find out more about the game during Bethesda’s presser next week, but for now, it’s rumoured to be some sort of online survival game with building mechanics like Rust, and could launch as soon as July. Or it isn’t, and it’s something else entirely.