Everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion

Bungie has announced the second, and “major” one, of Destiny 2’s two expected expansions for 2018, Forsaken. With two somewhat disappointing expansions already out and a lot of players… forsaking the game, could this be the controversial sequel’s Taken King? Third time lucky. Maybe.

Debuted in a Twitch livestream last night, the expansion introduces a new Reef location, the Tangled Shore, and a new narrative around a mob of Fallen barons – the expansion’s eponymous “Forsaken” – who’ve contrived an intrepid escape from the Prison of Elders, and between this and that and the other thing, must presumably be killed for galactic justice and mega loots. People Magazine’s Voted Sexiest Vanguard of the Year Cayde-6 is involved, so that’s fun, and apparently everything culminates with the new Dreaming City raid, which Bungie describes as “like the Vault of Glass and Dreadnaught had a baby”. Gross, but an intriguing sort of gross.


The expansion also adds new supers for each class, bows, and random stat rolls for gear – a feature from the first game that’s back by popular demand, for maximum grind potential. Bungie is also remixing the slot system to make things more flexible, so you can equip three snipers because you’re craaaaazy like that. Or at least until it totally breaks the game and gets revamped (again).

Delivering on promises of “a new way to play”, Gambit is a new mode that isn’t battle royale, and is an unconventional combo PvPvE (try saying that five times) mode in which two teams scrap it out through a series of AI bad guy deployments.

Also delivering on apprehensive expectations of spending more cash, however, Forsaken drops with a new annual pass. According to Destiny’s Twitter, this is “designed to improve” on the previous expansion pass, but since that content wasn’t exactly much to love, it feels like cheating. Local prices aren’t available for the moment, but the expansion on its own is $40 (approximately R500) and the annual pass, which includes two more “premium content releases” in 2019 is $70 (R900).

It’s out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 4 September.

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