Hitman 2 announced (for real this time)

Following this week’s annual pre-E3 leak week… leak, developer IO Interactive has properly announced Hitman 2. Pretend to be surprised. Ready? OMG WHO KNEW, WHAT A MOST UNEXPECTED THING.

According to the game’s synopsis, Hitman 2 has our bald, barcoded protagonist on a mission to “eliminate the elusive Shadow Client and unravel his militia, but when 47 learns his target’s true identity and the truth about his past, it changes everything”, so that’s very portentous. The sequel features six new locations, including Miami, and for the first time in the series, introduces a new online co-op Sniper Assassin mode for duo assignments. You won’t tell if they don’t tell, it’s like a built-in alibi.

It’s out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on 13 November.

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