Sony announces Tetris Effect, confirms Days Gone launch date

As part of its E3 pre-show promos, Sony is prepping a series of announcements now and over the weekend, starting with new PSVR game Tetris Effect and a release date for its post-apocalyptic zombie-’em-up Days Gone. DIAL HYPE-O-TRONS TO 11.

From the creators of Rez and Lumines, Tetris Effect (named for an actual phenomenon, so… science and stuff) is more or less exactly what you expect – it’s Tetris, but much a much more hallucinogenic version of Tetris. Trip out with a trailer.

Meanwhile, Syphon Filter studio SIE Bend’s open-world survival horror Days Gone will be out exclusively on PS4 on 22 February 2019. In a new trailer for the game, the developers introduce some of its unique hazards, including other people, birds, and the consequences of not keeping a spare thing of petrol.

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