Paladins will be coming to Switch this week

Overwatch competitor (and, controversially, “clone”) Paladins is now offering something Blizzard’s game isn’t – the ability to play on Switch.

Coming on June 12th, the game boasts 60fps and cross-play with Xbox One – which should help combat any issues with the servers being too quiet.

Although, it seems that won’t be an issue. I always thought Paladins was kind of a meme game, but it apparently boasts 25 million players across platforms – that’s no joke. This is in no doubt in big thanks to it being free-to-play, something which does it give it a significant edge over Overwatch.

Somewhat sneakily however, the game will not be free on Switch at launch. Instead, the only way to purchase will be to treat yourself to the 25 dollar “Founder’s Pack”, which gives you all the currently available champions and some cosmetic stuff. The actual free-to-play option will launch later this season.

I can’t say I’m down with this somewhat predatory marketing tactic, but its cool to see the Switch’s gaming library continue to expand.

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