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Greetings NAGopolies, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. In the news this week is some of the hot-off-the-digital-press E3 stuff, which includes a ton of Battlefield 5 footage and a Command and Conquer game you shouldn’t bother getting excited about. E3 highs and lows, more news and happenings this week, after the jump.

Cthulhu: Death May Die is CMON’s latest box of minis

In my Rising Sun review, I spoke about CMON and their penchant for overproduced games that feature several kilograms worth of molded plastic.

Their latest offering pairs two designer greats in Eric Lang and Rob Daviau, with the wholly unoriginal Cthulhu theme.

For those less invested in the boardgame hobby, Lovecraft’s Cthulhu is a theme that competes only with zombies for overuse – thanks mostly due to it being a publicly available license that doesn’t have any costs attached. For an industry that previously didn’t have a lot of money going into it, this made it an obvious choice for board game publishers.

This particular Cthulhu offering is a series of standalone episodes, and instead of trying to stop the end of the world from happening, you summon the old god on purpose and “shoot it in the face”. For those who’ve actually read Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, you’ll know that this is offensively stupid. CMON appears to be leaning into it though. This game definitely isn’t my particular brand of hot beverage, but there it is.

Source: PC Gamer

EA announces new Original – Sea of Solitude

EA announced another game in its Originals line at E3, a collaboration with Berlin indie studio Jo-Mei games.

It’s due in early 2019, and you can check out the trailer below:

EA also announces a new Command and Conquer, but don’t get excited

Because it’s a mobile game. Ugh.

The once great name in RTS titles has been reduced to a shitty mobile affair that has a tiny map, fixed camera and doesn’t really feel like the games it supposedly shares a universe with. Have a look at the trailer below.

New Battlefield 5 footage emerges

What we’ve seen of the game to this point hasn’t exactly been realistic, with more bling than actual gameplay. Now, however, we’re getting a proper under the hood.





Battlefield 5 is getting a Battle Royale Mode

Yup, it has begun. With the announcement that Call of Duty will be foregoing their single-player campaign in favour of a BR mode, EA has thrown their hat in the ring as well, stating that BF5 will have its own such mode, simply titled “Royale”.

In an announcement tweet, the publisher promised that this particular BR will be “reimagined with the core pillars of destruction, team play, and vehicles”. They add that “it will be unlike anything you’ve played before, and we’ll have more to talk about later this year”.

I’m a little sick of PUBG‘s BS, so I’m actually excited to see what these AAA studios can come up with.

Respawn’s Star Wars game gets a name: Fallen Order

Somehow I seemed to have missed the fact that Respawn Entertainment is working on a third-person Star Wars action game.

This is easily the most excited I’ve ever been for a Star Wars game, since I’m generally excited for anything Respawn is working on. Headed up by Vince Zampella, one half of the duo responsible for the original Modern Warfare and Titanfall, this is certainly one to look out for.

Previously all we knew it was happening, but it was announced this weekend that the game will be called Fallen Order.

It’ll be coming out late 2019.

Team Ninja shows off Dead or Alive 6 in new trailer

It’s the fighting series of choice for combo fanatics and connoisseurs of digital cleavage, and its sixth installment has just been revealed, slated for a 2019 release.

I could talk about the subtle and not so subtle differences to the combat, but I’d be talking out of turn – I’m a shameless button masher who can scarcely get Sub-Zero to throw ice consistently. Maybe just check out the trailer instead.

JJ Abrams’ production company gets into games

Bad Robot, the production company headed up by the perpetually overrated JJ Abrams, will be getting into the games business.

They’ve partnered up with Chinese juggernaut Tencent, who never miss an opportunity to get their fingers into a potentially lucrative pie.

Bad Robot is already co-developing Spyjinx (with Epic and Infinity Blade dev, Chair), which apparently combines “action strategy gameplay, dynamic world building and RPG character development”.

As for the new division, however, there’s no indication as of yet on what they plan to work on. Maybe it’ll be a battle royale game?