All the highlights from Sony PlayStation’s E3 2018 show

Sony’s E3 2018 conference was a very different affair from years before. The company had a different take on the E3 showcase by using some live music along with some fun little skits that were played mid-scene between trailers. Sony also clearly felt comfortable focusing on their first-party and console-exclusive partnerships more than third-party titles, which Microsoft did extremely well in their showcase which you should catch up on here. There’s a strong lineup for PlayStation fans, but like a lot of E3 reveals the bulk of these are set for 2019. Hit the jump and let’s see what Sony has in store for us.

The Last of Us Part II

Sony brought journalists and show-goers to the showcase to a small chapel/barnhouse that they had built especially for E3 this year. Once the show started Gustavo Santaolalla was brought on stage, and with his banjo in hand he played a different, but recognisable The Last of Us theme song. The lights dimmed after he finished his piece, and the gameplay reveal for The Last of Us Part II began in an in-game version of the same chapel that the showcase took place in. Ellie is older now, has a girlfriend and friends, and is somewhat wiser and more sombre. She’s also far deadlier and vicious than Joel, and easily dispatches dozens of enemies without a second’s notice.

The style of gameplay is overall similar to that of the first game in the series, but combat is more fluid and dynamic. There’s a new crafting system and menu, and gunplay looks to be a small improvement over the original. The Last of Us Part II is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and looks to be a 2019 release. After you’re done with this video, watch the 2017 and 2016 trailer in that order to figure out what’s going on.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 gets the Back In Black Map Pack

Activision’s close relationship with PlayStation continues with Black Ops 4. This is a quick sneak peak at the Back In Black Map Pack which includes newly remastered and tweaked versions of maps that appeared in earlier Black Ops games. In addition, Activision and Sony have partnered up to gift free copies of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. Head on over via this link to pick up the game if you’re a PS Plus subscriber, and if you aren’t already use this other link to grab a one year subscription at 30% off. The free copy isn’t loaded for our region yet, but check back in a few hours to redeem it later.

Destiny 2: Forsaken sees Uldren Sov engaging in some balancing of his own

If it isn’t Thanos doing some murdering on a grand scale, it’s Uldren Sov popping a cap in someone’s head. Destiny 2: Forsaken is a story-driven expansion to the main game that will see players take revenge against Prince Uldren and the Barons, newly escape from prison, who have done some dastardly things that warrant a beat-down from your character. Forsaken will launch on all supported platforms on 4 September 2018, and by pre-ordering early you get access to Cayde’s Exotic Stash.

In the wake of so many game studios forgoing paid expansion packs in favour of free DLC and cosmetic microtransactions, it’s a bit weird to see Activision still pushing both practices at the same time.

Ghost of Tsushima is all about the draw

I won’t detail anything about this trailer. You’ll have to see it for yourself. Ghost of Tsushima is a work in progress by Sucker Punch Studios, makers of the Infamous series, and takes place in feudal Japan in 1274, right around the time that the Mongol empire decides that it might want a little island retreat for itself. Players take the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai and the last of his clan, who has to lead a resistance against the Mongols and master the way of The Ghost to overwhelm his enemies.

Control, a new game by Remedy and 505 Games

PlayStation fans have been speculating for ages what Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games were working on, and that game, previously codenamed Project 7, has now been revealed as Control. If you’re thinking that it looks a bit like Quantum Break, you’re not wrong, because Control is literally made by the same team. You can read the blurb about the game on the video description on YouTube, but this is basically the spiritual successor to Quantum Break.

Resident Evil 2 (Remake? Remastered? Redone? You can’t just call it the same thing, Capcom!)

Ooooooh, goosebumps! I’m definitely excited for this.

Trover Saves the Universe, probably by accident

You remember that one episode of Rick and Morty where Rick says that there’s a million different realities out there and that they only get one or two chances, tops, to replace their own corpses in a parallel universe and continue as if nothing happened? This is one of the million other universes where things are super weird. Trover is a purple eye-hole monster on a mission to save some innocent dogs from being plugged into someone’s eye-holes and used to destroy the universe. Along the way, you have to find power babies and plug those into your own eye-holes to save the universe and your dogs, so does this mean that in the course of playing the hero, you’ll end up a villain?

Trover Saves the Universe is a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR exclusive, launching in early 2019. Do yourself a favour and read the insane press release that accompanies this trailer.

Captain Jack Sparrow makes his return in Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms on 29 January 2019. Sony and Square Enix have partnered up for a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro bundle, which includes a customised console and controller as well as a copy of the game. There is also a new bundle called Kingdom Hearts III All-In-One, which includes the base game, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, the Impossible Odds Theme, and a PS4 Custom Keyblade.

Interestingly, the store pages for Kingdom Hearts III and its bundle includes the following line, “In-game purchases optional”. What would Kingdom Hearts need microtransactions for?

Death Stranding pits you, a delivery man, against a barren wasteland

Sony America CEO Shawn Layden once said that it took Hideo Kojima about 90 minutes to explain the story behind Death Stranding, and at the end of it he was still confused. So are we, Shawn.

Nioh 2 is announced by Team Ninja

Does anyone else think that 2019 is going to bankrupt us with all these games we’re going to be able to play?

Marvel’s Spider-Man looks amazing

Insomniac seems to have hit it out of the park with Marvel’s Spider-Man, available later this year exclusively on PlayStation 4. Spidey goes up against Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino, Electro, Mr Negative, and all manner of other villains in this epic adventure featuring everyone’s favourite mutant with a smart mouth.

Also, if you watch carefully, one of Fisk’s henchmen is actually sent flying off a building by Spidey, presumably to flatten like a pancake on the pavement 70 stories down. Eish.

Déraciné is art by FromSoftware

Déraciné is a PlayStation VR exclusive by FromSoftware, the studio famous for Bloodborne and Dark Souls. As a spirit summoned by a young girl in a secluded boarding school, players must prove its existence and build a unique bond with the students through clever interactions. As the mystery of the story unfolds, the spirit must use its ability to manipulate the forces of life and time to change the fate of the pupils. Déraciné will become available in late 2018.

Dying Light 2
Take off your parkour pants – Dying Light 2 is indefinitely delayed